Network transformer

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  • Productsaremainlyusedin:high-performancedigitalswitches;SDH/ATMtransmissionequipment;ISDN,ADSL,VDSL,POEpoweredequipmentintegratedbusinessdigital equipment; FILTfiberopti
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Products are mainly used in: high-performance digital switches; SDH/ATM transmission equipment; ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, POE powered equipment integrated business digital equipment; FILT fiber optic loop equipment; Ethernet switches, etc., such as Yutai Electronics YL18-2050S, YL18-3002S and so on more common.Data pumps are devices available on consumer PCI network cards, and data pumps are also called network transformers or network isolation transformers.It plays a role in a network card mainly has two, one is the transmission of data, it sends PHY out of the differential signal with differential mode coupling.coil coupling filtering to enhance the signal, and through the conversion of electromagnetic fields coupled to different levels of the other end of the connecting network cable;is to isolate different levels between different network devices connected by a network cable to prevent different voltages from transmitting damage to the device through the network cable. In addition to this inaddition, data mercury can also play a certain role in the protection of equipment.

Network transformers are specifically T1/E1 isolation transformers; ISDN/ADSL interface transformers; VDSL high-pass/low-pass filter modules, interface transformers; T3/E3, SDH, 64KBPS interface transformers; 10/100BASE, 1000BASE-TX, 2.5GBASE, 5GBASE, 10GBASE network filters, RJ45 integrated transformer ICM, and special transformers can be designed according to customer needs.







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