Crystal Oscillator

Crystal oscillator

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  • SomeelectronicdevicesrequireahighlystablefrequencyAC signal, while LC oscillatorsarelessstableandthefrequencydriftseasily(i.e.theresultingACsignalfrequencych
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Some electronic devices require a highly stable frequency AC signal, while LC oscillators are less stable and the frequency drifts easily (i.e. the resulting AC signal frequency changes easily). A special element, quartz crystals, is used in oscillators to produce highly stable signals, and this oscillator using quartz crystals is called a crystal oscillator.

The crystal has a ballast effect, i.e. the crystal will deform after the chip poles are added to the voltage, and in turn, if external forces deform the wafer, the metal sheet on the poles will produce voltage. If the wafer is added to the appropriate crossover voltage, the wafer produces a resonance (resonant frequency is related to quartz bevel inclination, etc., and the frequency must be certain). Using a crystal that converts electrical and mechanical energy into one another, the crystal oscillation can provide a stable and precise single-frequency oscillation when working in a resonant state. Under normal operating conditions, the absolute accuracy of the normal crystal frequency can be up to 50 parts per million. With this feature, crystal can provide more stable pulses, widely used in microchip clock circuits. The wafers are mostly quartz semiconductor materials, and the housing is packaged in metal.

Crystal vibration is often connected with the motherboard, South Bridge, sound card and other circuits. Crystal vibration can be likened to the "heartbeat" generator of each board, if the main card "heartbeat" problems, will certainly cause other circuits to fail.







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