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  • Twoconductorsclosetoeach other,sandwiched betweenalayerofnon-conductiveinsulatingmedium,whichconstitutesacapacitor.Whenvoltageisaddedbetweenthetwopolesofthecapacito
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Two conductors close to each other, sandwiched between a layer of non-conductive insulating medium, which constitutes a capacitor. When voltage is added between the two poles of the capacitor, the capacitor stores the charge. The capacitor's electrical capacity is numerically equal to the ratio of the amount of charge on a conductive plate to the voltage between the two plates. The basic unit of capacitor capacitor capacity is Farah . Capacitive elements are usually represented in circuit diagrams with the letter C.

The role of capacitors:

Coupling: Capacitors used in coupling circuits are called coupling capacitors, which are used extensively in capacitive coupling amplifiers and other capacitive coupling circuits to separate the flow acoustics.

Filtering: Capacitors used in filter circuits are called filter capacitors, which are used in power filtering and various filter circuits to remove signals from a certain frequency band from the total signal.

Decoupling: Capacitors used in decoupling circuits are called decoupling capacitors, which are used in DC voltage supply circuits for multistation amplifiers, and decoupling capacitors eliminate harmful low-frequency interconnecation between amplifiers of each stage.

High frequency vibration: the capacitor used in the high frequency vibration circuit is called the high frequency de-vibration capacitor, in the audio negative feedback amplifier, in order to eliminate the possible high frequency self-exciting, the use of this capacitive circuit, in order to eliminate the amplifier may be high frequency whistling.

Resonance: Capacitors used in LC resonant circuits are called resonant capacitors, which are required in both LC-in-line and series resonant circuits.

Bypass: Capacitors used in bypass circuits are called bypass capacitors, and if a signal from a certain band needs to be removed from the signal, a bypass capacitor circuit can be used, depending on the frequency of the removed signal, with a full frequency domain (all AC signals) bypass capacitor circuit and a high frequency bypass capacitor circuit.

The capacitors used in the median circuit are called the median capacitors. In radio high-frequency and medium-frequency amplifiers, television high-frequency amplifiers, this medium-range capacitive circuit is used to eliminate self-exciting.

Timed: Capacitors used in a timed circuit are called timed capacitors. The capacitor functions as a control time constant size by using a time-controlled circuit that needs to be charged and discharged by capacitor.

Integration: Capacitors used in the integration circuit are called integral capacitors. In the synchronous separation circuit of potential field scanning, this integral capacitor circuit can be used to remove the field synchronization signal from the field composite synchronous signal.

Split: Capacitors used in a split circuit are called split capacitors. In order to obtain the spire trigger signal in the trigger circuit, this kind of split capacitor circuit is used to obtain the spire pulse trigger signal from various types (mainly rectangular pulses).

Compensation: Capacitors used in the compensation circuit are called compensation capacitors, and in the bass compensation circuit of the card base, this low-frequency compensation capacitor circuit is used to enhance the low-frequency signal in the discharge signal, in addition to the high-frequency compensation capacitor circuit.

Self-lifting: Capacitors used in self-lifting circuits are called self-lift capacitors, and the commonly used OTL power amplifier output stage circuits use this self-lift capacitor circuit to raise the positive half-week amplitude of the signal in a small amount through positive feedback.

Split frequency: The capacitor in the split frequency circuit is called the split frequency capacitor, in the speaker split frequency circuit of the speaker, the use of the split frequency capacitor circuit, so that the high-frequency speakers work in the high frequency band, the medium-frequency speakers work in the medium frequency band, the low-frequency speakers work in the low frequency band.

Load capacitor: A valid external capacitor that determines the frequency of load resonance together with a quartz crystal resonator. Standard values commonly used for load capacitors are 16pF, 20pF, 30pF, 50pF and 100pF. The load capacitor can be adjusted according to the specific situation, and the frequency of the resonator can generally be adjusted to the symmetrical value by adjusting.








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