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  • Resistorsarecommonlyreferredtodirectlyasresistorsineverydaylife.isacurrent-limiting element, aftertheresistance isconnectedtothecircuit,theresistor'sresistance
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Resistors are commonly referred to directly as resistors in everyday life. is a current-limiting element, after the resistance is connected to the circuit, the resistor's resistance value is fixed generally two pins, it can limit the amount of current through the branch connected by it. A fixed resistor is called a stationary resistor that cannot be changed. A variable resistance is called a power generator or a variable resistor. The ideal resistor is linear, i.e. the momentary current passing through the resistor is directly ratio to the added instantaneous voltage. A variable resistor for voltage split. Press one or two removable metal contacts on the exposed resistor body. The contact position determines the resistance between either end of the resistor body and the contact.

The end voltage has a defined function relationship with the current, which reflects the two-end device that converts electrical energy into other forms of power, expressed in the letter R, in ohm Ω. Actual devices such as light bulbs, electric wires, resistors, etc. can be represented as resistor elements.

The resistance value size of the resistance element is generally related to temperature, material, length, and cross-sectional area, and the physical amount that measures the size of the resistance affected by temperature is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as a percentage of the change in the resistance value for every 1 degree C increase in temperature. The main physical characteristic of a resistor is that the variable energy is thermal energy, or that it is an energy-consuming element through which the current generates internal energy. Resistance usually functions as a voltage-splitting, se-streaming in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through the resistor.








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